Information for Conference attendees

The platform that will be used in EnTRetextos 2021 is Webex Events. As a speaker, you will have the role of a panelist, according to the terminology used by this platform, and the organizer will send you an invitation with that role for the session of the program in which your presentation is scheduled. Once you enter the event, the session manager will turn you into a presenter at the time you have to deliver your paper. As a presenter, you can use the microphone, webcam, and you can share content (screen, files).


  • If you need to use a video in your presentation, you must first contact the Organizing Committee (
  • If there is going to be more than one presenter, please communicate that in advance. Note that changes in roles and technical problems that may arise (the microphone cannot be heard, screen cannot be seen) can take time and will be subtracted from the time assigned to you (15 min. plus 5 min. for questions).

Previous installation of the Cisco Webex software

IMPORTANT note: We highly recommend that you previously install the Cisco Webex software.

At the following link, you can download Cisco Webex and you can test your camera and microphone even if the event has not started yet.

Note: Although what is being tested is Webex meetings, the software downloaded is the same as Webex Events and it serves our purpose.

Other downloading options (without testing):

Access to the Conference by panelists

After clicking on the panelist link and filling in the appropriate fields, press SEND to access the Conference.

It is very important that the email address entered by the panelist is the same as the email address where the invitation was received and which will also contain the access password if any.

If the Webex application does not start, a window like the one below will appear and we will choose Run the temporary application, which will download a file that we will execute to access the event directly: